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Welcome to the American Riviera! The geography, weather, parks, schools, shopping, culture, architecture, and history are just a few things that make this area an exceptional place to live. One visit is all it took for us to decide to make this is our home. There are plenty of websites to visit and books to read to learn how special this little corner of the planet is. Spend some time here in person and allow Andrew show you Santa Barbara

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Carpinteria is a quaint ocean side community just south of Santa Barbara.

Goleta is just north of Downtown Santa Barbara with all the beauty of Santa Barbara and a more affordable price.

Montectio is nestled in the hills next to Santa Barbara and is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the US.

This is the American Riviera! The geography, weather, shopping, culture, and history are unparalleled.

Hope Ranch is a wealthy suburb on the beautiful coast just north of downtown Santa Barbara.

Summerland is a quaint neighborhood located next to Monetcito with luxurious housing and small town feel.