Off-Market Property Listings

Off-Market Property Listings Q&A

We keep a constantly changing book of properties in all price ranges that are not publicly listed. Our clients have the opportunity to purchase and sell these exclusive off-market properties.

Q: What are Off-Market Property Listings?

A: Off-Market Property Listings are unlisted real estate properties for sale. Generally, when a house is ready to be put up for sale, a Real Estate agent will list it on the Multiple Listing Service database, or MLS. But with inventory low and demand high, some buyers and sellers act quickly before a house is officially on the market. Agents use their networks to conduct these “off-market” transactions on properties that are left out of the MLS database.

Q: Where does Rose Coast Realty come in?

A: At Rose Coast Realty, we pride ourselves in being the ultimate resources for off-market property listings in the Santa Barbara and Montecito areas. Our team has wide-reaching connections both to other agencies and investors. This allows us two distinct and unique privileges:

1. Buying off-market: Low inventories make it challenging for buyers to find a home. After exhausting the list of MLS properties, we utilize the connections we have amassed over the years and search for an “off market” property deal that would not have come to the buyer’s attention otherwise.

2. Selling off-market: Similar to purchases, we at Rose Coast Realty are able to use connections to sell a property off-market. For some home sellers, the privacy invasion of holding Open Houses and public listings bring unwarranted attention. At Rose Coast Realty, we pride ourselves on providing privacy and comfort to any of our clients who so desire it. We are committed to making the right deal however necessary.

Q: Are Off-Market Property Listings on the rise?

A: YES! In recent years, the market for Off-Market Properties has skyrocketed. Especially, in years with either low inventory or high demand. Rose Coast Realty has and can close deals within the off-market sphere in competitive years and markets like Santa Barbara.

Q: Great! I’d like to explore my Off-Market Property options.

A: Certainly! Please contact us at Rose Coast Realty to learn more about our off-market property listings. We have fought to make this an integral part of our business model and will do whatever it takes to meet your high expectations.