Almost 10% Above Our Asking Price!

It is my pleasure to recommend Andrew Rose as your Realtor. I have done a number of Real Estate transactions over the years and have worked with some great Realtors, but Andrew is simply the best! I first met Andrew when I was interviewing agents to list my family’s estate. He seemed young at the time, but already had years of experience. There are many reasons I chose to work with Andrew that day. He talked about our options and broke it down to three main choices. We could try to sell it “as is” with little effort, but shouldn’t expect to receive nearly as much as we would if we put some work into the property. Andrew brought a stager/general contractor to give me a list of recommendations. The list was prioritized and Andrew explained the return on investment for each improvement. My family and I decided to follow most of the advice and had Andrew implement most of his team members’ recommendations. This was one of the worst times to try to sell Real Estate, but our experience felt like we were back in a seller’s market. We were able to set our price significantly higher than the last comparable which was just across the street, and we found ourselves sifting through at least seven offers after a little over a week on the market. Andrew then worked his magic to get the offers as attractive as possible. We ended up with close to 10% above our asking price, “as is”, to a cash buyer who was able to close within a couple of weeks. There are so many words I could use to compliment Andrew’s skills as a Realtor and how hard he works, but the results speak for themselves. I knew there was something special about Andrew when we first met. My gut said to hire him instead of the competition even though he hadn’t done business in our area yet. There is just no way our transaction could have turned out better if we had hired another agent.

Andrew is not just a Realtor. He is a real person that has made a strong impression on my family and has connected with us in a lasting way. I want Andrew to do well and am happy to refer my family and friends around the country to him. I have had the opportunity to put Andrew in touch with family members in several states who were looking to buy or sell in the last few years. Each time, Andrew has gone above and beyond. Andrew just knows people and how to work with each personality. Andrew knew just what each person needed and was phenomenal in fulfilling their individual needs. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that he has built a successful business.

There just isn’t a better Realtor for me to recommend. You just have to have a conversation with Andrew to see what I mean. It’s great to see one of the good guys do well for a change. Andrew deserves all the success in the world. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Andrew, his wife, his family, and his business.

— Rick Arnoldi