Wishing you all the best Andrew. You were such a mentor to me, both on how to conduct oneself in business but also on how to be a good person and man. You and Karen showed me so much love and compassion, and where I’m at in my young professional life in a lot of ways started in those afternoons among the greenery in the Rose backyard in Santa Barbara. The world is better with your touch in it, please get well soon. Some of my most vivid memories from college include you, Karen, and Jack. I remember that interview, and leaving it thinking “I want to work for this man.” I remember having a Jack Rose drink together in September two years ago. I remember our Veterans Day on State St. I remember how you treated me with respect and dignity, and were able to communicate to me honest truth that I needed to hear, in most professional and kind way so I would listen. You always brought out my authentic self by being yours, and for that I’m ever grateful.

— Sean Carroll