Team Member

Hi Andrew,

My list of why I would or anyone should work with Andrew Rose. So, here goes:

1)Your attention to detail. This was so easy to come up with because it struck me as soon as I read your email and you had the disclaimer on the bottom which all of us should have, but most of us don’t. Judy, in fact, will only have it once she copies yours into her signature! It is most probably a very intrinsic part of you. And usually, those intrinsic parts of us are so ordinary we don’t realize how striking they are to the outside world. And realize, that attention to detail goes way beyond your years.

2)Your professional appearance. I think this really has to do with your attention to detail because that quality spills over into every aspect of our being. And that appearance is also related to your experience in the sales field (again, something that belies your age). All of the women in the group have struggled and continue to struggle with that appearance.

3)Your schedule allows instant service. Maybe that is because of your age — but it is a bonus to anyone who works with you. I have thought that since the minute I met you — you can work on things immediately.

— Judy Guarco